We discovered six amazing resources to help you choose your college major. We scoured the Internet to help you confirm what you already know, or help you along the path to enlightenment. We listed several key features for each website but don’t let that fool you. These websites have a lot more to offer than what is listed here!

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One of the greatest hurdles of applying to college is choosing a college major. It can be a daunting decision because most students assume their choice is final. Beneath this seemingly dark cloud there is a silver lining, a consolation to consider. Your first choice does not necessarily have to be your last choice. Although some students pursue and complete a degree in their initial major choice, you may choose to change majors once you begin your college career. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a major and are unsure of your path, utilize the resources below to begin the process, but temper this decision with the knowledge that many experiences are awaiting your arrival. These experiences may enlighten you and change your course in delightful, yet unexpected ways. Keep in mind, this is the beginning, not the end.

Personality Assessment

We scoured the Internet and found some amazing resources to assist you on the path to choosing your major. The first resource is a personality assessment. The assessment is free and only takes a few minutes to complete, but the results are astonishing. If you are searching to gain unique insight to various aspects of your personality, this test is well worth your time and effort.


Gain insight about who you are and why you do things the way you do with this free personality assessment.


Website Resources

While investigating potential resources, we discovered an abundance of websites with plenty of college-related information. As a result, we were picky during our search and narrowed the list to our five favorites. Take your time and explore these websites because they have so much to offer. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorites!


MyMajors lists profiles for over 1,800 majors, over 7,500 colleges, and over 42,000 careers. For each major, there is a list of required and elective college courses, related majors, a list of schools offering the major, median annual wage for the major, and the number of people employed nationally for the major. MyMajors distinguishes itself from other websites by presenting a list of majors. As a user clicks on a major a subsequent list appears narrowing the search. This tool is incredibly useful because it enables students to view a variety of major possibilities based on their interests. Similar to the majors section, the careers section narrows the career search and provides a plethora of information including work activities, education requirements, schools offering education for the career, required skills, and salary data. This is a comprehensive website whose primary objective is to assist students with finding their college major and post graduate career.



YOUNIVERSITYTV is an engaging website and corners the market on fun! There are pages and pages of incredibly informative and entertaining college and career videos. Chances are, if you’re considering a specific college or career, there’s a video about it on YOUNIVERSITYTV. In addition to career videos, vital facts are included such as job outlook, median pay, education requirements, work environment, and a whole lot more!



My Next Move enables three different types of searches right from the start. You can search for careers by keyword, by broad predefined industries, or by answering questions where My Next Move develops a list of careers matching your interests. Searching for major information has never been so easy. Search results yield education requirements, yearly salary, and many more interesting facts!



We found the fastest way to navigate around this website was to scroll to the bottom and use the site index. The site index lists individual colleges, college rankings, Niche scholarships, and colleges by state. Niche offers an efficient way to conduct research and lists hundreds of careers. In particular, we liked the compare majors section. Start your free account and investigate your possibilities with Niche.



College Majors 101 features informative videos of professors and students speaking about specific majors. Associated with each major are lists of employers hiring students with the major, publications relating to the major, lengthy descriptions about the major, accredited schools offering the major, news about the major, student associations for the major, and more. College Majors 101 will assist you with making an informed decision.



Due to the growing number of career possibilities with many colleges offering hundreds of choices, choosing a college major is incredibly difficult. Some students begin their college career as “undecided” or “exploratory” while others change majors partway through their college education. Regardless of when you make your decision, there are three important factors to consider when choosing a college major; your interests, projections for employment, and annual income. Keep these factors in your back pocket as you consider your career opportunities. If you want to focus on the financial aspects of choosing a major, read The Economics of Choosing Your College Major. For additional online resources to help you determine your college major, visit College Pencilpedia. For more great tips and a step-by-step approach for choosing your college major, purchase “The Ultimate College Application Guide” on Amazon today.

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