Speaking with your tour guide about their college experience can make a major impact on your college application submission. Listed below are 25 questions to ask your campus tour guide while visiting a college campus. Ask a lot of questions and listen carefully, your curiosity will reward you.

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Speaking with your tour guide about their college experience can have a major impact on your college application submission. If you’re waffling about whether or not to apply to this particular college, a discussion with your tour guide may provide the tie-breaker. Most tour guides attend the college and give tours for extra spending money or on a volunteer basis. Because they stood in your shoes not so long ago, chances are, they will understand exactly what you’re feeling, the apprehension, the stress, the excitement. Speaking with your tour guide is more of a peer to peer interaction, so be candid with your questions, and most likely, you will receive candid answers. Use this list of 25 questions to open a dialogue with your campus tour guide. Don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions and listen carefully, your curiosity will reward you.


1. If you had not been accepted to this college, what college would you have attended instead?

2. If you could have attended any college, what college would it be?

3. What is the best part about going to college here?

4. Would you consider the student body liberal or conservative?

5. If you could improve something about this campus, what would it be?

6. Do you meet with your Academic Advisor frequently? Has your advisor been helpful with determining your schedule year over year?

7. What are your class sizes?

8. Is there generous access to computer labs? Am I allowed to print on campus? If so, where are the printing stations? Are they easily accessible?

9. How is the Internet access in your dormitory and on campus? Did you bring a router for your dorm room?

10. What are the dormitories like?

11. How are dorm roommates chosen?

12. Are the laundry facilities clean? Where are they located?

13. Is the cafeteria food good? Do you order delivery service?

14. How are the medical and pharmaceutical health services?

15. Do think this campus is safe? Do you know of any incidences on campus?

16. Does this college offer a lot of extracurricular activities?

17. Did you attend a freshman orientation program? If so, did you enjoy it?

18. Did you bring a car to campus? Do you think it is a good idea or inconvenient?

19. Do you fly or drive home? How accessible is the airport? What about carpooling?

20. Are there easily accessible shopping districts? If I don’t have a car on campus, will it be difficult to procure supplies?

21. Was it difficult for you to adjust to college?

22. What did you miss the most when you moved to college?

23. How often do your parents visit you?

24. How are the job placement services here? Do you know graduates that were pleased with their job placement resources?

25. When do you graduate and what are your plans?


After completing your college visit, follow-up with contacts you made during your trip. If you met a staff member during your college visit and you want to establish a relationship, writing a thank you note or sending an email expressing your gratitude is a great place to begin. Also, before planning your college visit consider taking a virtual campus tour. For a list of websites providing virtual campus tours, visit College Pencilpedia. For more great tips and a step-by-step approach for planning your college visits, purchase “The Ultimate College Application Guide” on Amazon today. Safe travels!

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